How To Speed Up Windows XP

How to Speed Up Windows XP

When your computer is new and no program are installed, you will find that everything runs smoothly. After you have installed programs, the computer performance will slow down. The computer performance will slow down especially if you have a small hard disk space. So, exactly how to speed up Windows Xp, you can buy an additional hard disk to increase the storage space. When your computer has larger hard disk space, it will take lesser time to run the program. Besides, you can speed up Windows XP by adding more RAM to your computer.

Startup programs can slow down the performance of your computer. Some programs will automatically launched because they are located in the startup folder. There are also programs that launch on Windows startup because of the logon script and registry settings. You can prevent the program from launching on Windows startup by going to the preference menu and change the setting. Most programs allow you to change the startup settings through the preference menu. Alternatively, you can clean up the startup folder in the windows system. Besides, you should delete icon shortcuts to the startup programs on your desktop. Besides, you should remove the startup program from the start menu. To remove the program from start menu, you must right click your mouse and select delete. Thousand of people every month ask themselves “how to speed up Windows XP” so remember you’re not alone.

Apart from that, you should disable the services that run during startup. Most of the services that run automatically on startup are unnecessary. Examples of services that usually run on startup include portable media serial number, task schedule, telnet, wireless zero configuration service and etc. The portable media serial number service has the ability to retrieve the serial number that your portable music player uses. Task scheduler makes sure the unattended tasks will run. You can turn off the task scheduler if you don’t want to schedule any task. Wireless zero configuration service can be turned off if the WI Fi network card is not in use. Windows updates can slow down the computer as well. Windows updates can run at anytime and can cause the program to become jammed occasionally. It is recommended that you disable the windows updates to improve the computer performance. Instead of letting Windows update automatically install updates, you can visit the Microsoft website to check for new updates to download and possible how to speed up Windows Xp troubleshooting.

You can disable the services by using the command prompt. To disable the services, you must type services.msc in the command prompt. After that, the services computer management console will appear. In the services management console, you will find a list of services that run on the computer.

If you frequently download files from the internet, it is possible that there are malware in your hard drive. Malware often slow down the performance of the computer. In addition, malware causes error in the program and prevent them from functioning properly. To clean up the system from malware, you can use a malware cleaner. You can also tweak your computer system to speed up the performance. You can use tweak software such as TweakXp to turn off registry tweaks. So that’s how to speed up Windows XP, good luck!